Brits get drunk more often than others, study says

Brits get drunk more often than others, study says

  • May 2019
  • Posted By James Lawson

People in the UK get drunk more often than people in any other country, according to a new study. Data in the 2019 Global Drug Survey showed that British respondents to the survey got drunk more times each year than people who live anywhere else.

The researchers interviewed 123,814 participants from over 30 countries during the study and found that, on average, people got drunk 33 times during the past year. The report results only show how often the respondents got drunk. The researchers did not collect data on how much alcohol the respondents consumed.

According to the survey, residents of English-speaking counties got drunk most often, while residents of South American countries got drunk the least number of times. Respondents from the UK said that they got drunk on 51 occasions during the past year, as compared to 50 times for Americans, 48 times for Canadians and 47 times for Australians. Respondents from Chile reported getting drunk on 16 occasions last year, while Columbians reported 22 occasions. About 38% of the respondents said that their goal for next year was to drink less.

The founder of the Global Drug Survey, addiction psychiatrist, Adam Winstock, said that the UK respondents drank too much alcohol too often and that getting drunk appeared to be their point for having a night out rather than just socialising. The Global Drug Survey has developed an app called the Drinks Meter to help people monitor how much they drink.


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