Hair Testing

Hair Testing

Using samples of hair provides the longest detection window available. This method of testing is widely used in the legal field.

The benefits of opting for hair testing include the fact that a substance will remain detectable in a sample for a considerable time after the hair has been removed from the head. This fact makes a historical case of drug use easier to establish. In addition, as the collection is non-invasive it is difficult to interfere with a sample.

Matrix Diagnostics provides clients with a service to test for a wide range of substances detectable in hair samples. Our speedy and accurate service tests for: Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, Cannabis (THC), Cocaine, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Opiates and 6-MAM (mono-acetyl morphine).

Customers, can if they wish, use our collectors to collect samples.  We can alternatively supply the necessary kits to facilitate the rapid dispatch to our laboratory, immediately following the collection.

Please contact us if you require further information about hair testing.

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