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Super-strength psychoactive drug surfacing in Manchester

Super-strength psychoactive drug surfacing in Manchester

  • August 2018
  • Posted By Ben Craske

A super-strength batch of the psychoactive drug, Spice, has been found in Manchester. Also known as the ‘zombie drug’ because users are often seen staggering, Spice is a toxic mixture of synthetic cannabinoids, which was a legal way to get high before 2016, when it became illegal under the Psychoactive Substances Bill.

The strength of the laboratory-created drug varies significantly in each batch, and recent testing of the drug available on the illegal market determined that the current batch was especially potent. After taking Spice, users often suffer seizures, vomiting, severe psychotic episodes, and terrifying hallucinations.

During the past 18 months, the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has had over 1,300 reports involving Spice. The police have joined forces with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to try to combat the devastating increase of this psychoactive substance.

MMU has developed a new machine that can detect Spice and installed it in Manchester’s city centre police station. It is the first machine of its type in the UK and can test drugs in only one hour. Also, the Greater Manchester Drug Alert Panel is monitoring the new Spice batches. The panel consists of representatives from several agencies, including the NHS and the police.

The Deputy Manchester Mayor, Beverley Hughes, said that combatting Spice use is a complex problem that does not have a single or easy solution. She added that the panel is doing its best to tackle the problem and get Spice off the city’s streets.


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