Matrix Training

Matrix Diagnostics prides itself on the level of support and training it provides for its customers.

Our training personnel are very experienced in running on-site courses for healthcare professionals.  When we leave your site the trained staff members will be fully confident when carrying out tests.  They will also be able to deal with all the possible scenarios that can arise when performing these duties.

Training will be completed to a standard that leaves all staff feeling that they can complete a test in a proficient and professional manner.  They will also have the confidence and knowledge  to deal with any end user questions that might arise.

Training is provided for all our products.

  • Training is taken to the customer
  • All training materials are provided
  • Products will be demonstrated
  • Professionals experience the tests through role play exercises
  • Experienced training staff are able to advise on how to best deal with end users queries
  • Training records and certificates are provided
  • Trained staff are on hand to deal with all queries
The training modules are not the end of the story, as our dedicated customer service team and account managers will be on hand to answer questions 24-hours a day.  We are always willing and happy to help.

Do you know what you need?

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