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An issue with Michigan breath alcohol testing devices?

According to the Michigan police, there may be a problem with a breath alcohol testing device called DataMaster DMT.

The devices are in wide use across the state. The issue appears to be performance-related.

According to the defence attorney, Jesse Williams, the devices often play a role in providing crucial evidence used in drunk driving cases.

The problem is, the device results are used as a basis for convicting thousands of people, and, with judges relying on them, they are an important piece of the evidence puzzle.

The state police have responded by notifying the prosecutors about the problem.

There’s still a question about whether other tests have also been affected, and the police are already looking into this possibility.

Williams went on to say how devastating a conviction could be, causing someone to lose their job or their home.

So he urges that, for things to come to a resolution, it must be determined what is wrong with these devices.

There are many open cases at the time of writing, and the future of various people is at stake.

Either way, Williams wants to see someone addressing this as soon as possible.

The state police are having certified personnel look into the issue and trying to determine whether the DataMaster DNT devices are in line with industry standards as well as the state law.

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