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Clampdown on ‘cuckooing’ drugs expanded in Scotland

Police Scotland has extended its clampdown on illegal drug dealers who use vulnerable people to supply drugs for them. Called ‘cuckooing,’ it describes the practice of drug dealers commandeering people’s homes in exchange for supplying them with drugs.

The police had been clamping down on the practice in two towns in Aberdeenshire – Fraserburgh, and Peterhead – in an enforcement action called Operation Corner. The enforcement action used a multi-agency approach and identified over 100 residents of the two towns who were victims of ‘cuckooing.’ Many of the victims they identified are now receiving help to address their drug abuse issues.

The success of Operation Corner has led the police to launch a similar scheme in Aberdeen, with the goal of replicating that success. The announcement of the expanded clampdown came as the police reported that more than 2,100 people had been charged with drug-related offences during the past year in the north east of Scotland.

The police said that 7.2kg of cocaine, 13.7kg of heroin, and more than 100kg of cannabis resin and cannabis were seized during that time, as well as over £200,000 in cash related to illegal drug activity. Detective Chief Inspector Lorna Ferguson said: “Thanks to the success of the work ongoing in north Aberdeenshire and through Operation Corner, a multi-agency pilot scheme is currently being implemented in Aberdeen starting in the Seaton and Tillydrone areas to provide similar support.”

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