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Commercial drivers who fail drug or alcohol testing to be entered in FMCSA database

The US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an online database designed to provide the names of commercial drivers who failed drug or alcohol testing.

Only the authorised individuals can access it, which includes:

– Medical review officers

– Drivers

– Third-party administrators

– Carriers

Upon successful registration, motor carriers will be able to do a background check of potential employees to ensure they don’t have any unresolved violations before hiring them.

In addition, any medical review officer or employer will be asked to file a report about drivers who either test positive for drugs or alcohol or in the event that they decline the testing altogether.

On the flip side, whenever a commercial driver enters a return-to-duty alcohol and drug rehabilitation process, this will be reported as well.

The federal regulations make it clear; drug testing as well as random testing is expected from the carriers.

Naturally, if an employee tests positive, they will be prohibited from performing safety-sensitive functions.

FMCSA is urging everyone to register as soon as possible.

According to the official brochure, the employers will be required to query the database from the 6th of January 2020 and onwards before letting an employee drive for them.

The drivers, too, can view their own records by registering, although registration is by no means mandatory for all drivers.

In any case, the alcohol and drug records will follow the driver regardless of how often he or she changes employers. The records will be maintained in accordance with the applicable federal security standards.

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