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How US addiction services are managing the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to concern about spreading the coronavirus, many Alcoholics Anonymous and similar meetings have little choice but to cancel.

But those who are struggling to overcome their addiction are being put in a tough spot.

Some addiction recovery service providers have decided against closing down.

The Healing Place, for example, is continuing its internal recovery programmes, with the precaution of prohibiting visitors.

Certain activities, such as outside speaking, are also on hold.

Centerstone, a regional behavioural health organisation, which reportedly evaluates around 7,000 people for addiction treatment services every year, will also remain operational.

With that said, staff are encouraged to practice the following measures:

  • Limited touching
  • Social distancing
  • Hand washing

Dr Scott Hedges, chief medical officer, maintains the firm position that addiction is also dangerous, so leaving out treatment is not an option.

Leaving an addict to their own devices is bound to send them into relapse.

So Centerstone will continue during the coronavirus crisis, and when group activities cannot be avoided, they will divide into smaller groups.

Those who cannot access treatment facilities, are missing mandatory drugs or alcohol tests and have no scheduled Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to depend on are facing a demanding time.

The more meetings cancelled, the more trouble awaits in the future.

So, if you are battling alcohol addiction, even as a first-timer, you are encouraged to call the Louisville area central office for help.


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