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Mandatory drug testing bill for Philippine detainees filed

If the bill passes, the country’s correctional penal institutions will enforce random drug tests aimed at detainees and custodians.

According to Manuel Cabochan III, Magdalo Para sa Pilipino party-list Rep, it is to safeguard the integrity of the institutions.

Since 2014, drug trafficking in New Bilibid Prison has risen.

It was discovered during one of the raids, in which methamphetamine and other illicit drugs were found among the prisoners.

Known as the Drug-Free Prisons Act, the bill aims to purge the correctional system of illicit drug use.

If a prisoner or a detainee tests positive for drug use, rehabilitation will follow, meaning offenders will also have their petitions for parole reconsidered.

Government officials will face criminal sanctions if found guilty of using drugs.

Also, drug testing will become mandatory for all persons in state custody, including prison employees.

Furthermore, the length of intervals between testing for inmates will remain confidential, but won’t be less than once a year.

The prison institution in which drug testing takes place will cover related expenses.

Should the bill gain approval, there will be six months to adapt to the changes.

The testing will be conducted under rules set by the Dangerous Drugs Board.

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