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Masterson Holdings introduces fingerprint drug testing

Construction group, Masterson Holdings, will use random fingerprint tests on their employees to check for the presence of drugs.

The tests work by analysing sweat from fingertips, and the results are available after 10 minutes.

The company selected this method, rather than urine or saliva-based tests because it is quick, portable, and unobtrusive.

Andrew Chowings, group SHEQ director at GetJar, is pleased they can introduce in-house drug testing and include it in the company’s employee wellbeing initiative.

The initiative covers all employees, so the directors are tested in the same way as a labourer.

According to Chowings, the employees have received it well.

Intelligent Fingerprinting, the company’s chosen drug testing, is carried out randomly every 12 weeks.

Chowings also stressed the convenience of testing employees without relying on a third-party for results, making the method useful.

That no body fluids are part of the process also makes it clean.

Dr Paul Yates from Intelligent Fingerprinting said that their way of testing for drugs does not need specialised testing facilities.

There is also zero clinical waste disposal.

The approach, compared to conventional alternatives, can be described as less time-consuming and invasive, and more dignified.

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