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Matrix Diagnostics now working with Crystal Health Group

Matrix Diagnostics is pleased to be working with the team at Crystal Health Group and support them in their growth plans in key markets.

Crystal Health Group provides DNA testing and drug and alcohol testing throughout the UK. Founding in 2005, the company currently operates a network of over 150 mobile collection offices and clinics throughout the UK and Ireland.

As Crystal Health Group continues to grow, Matrix Diagnostics will supply laboratory drug testing services, with accurate results and fast turnaround time to keep customer satisfaction high. We issue our screening reports within 24 hours after we receive oral fluid and urine samples at our laboratory and within 72 hours for analysis of hair samples.

Matrix Diagnostics has many years’ experience in conducting laboratory analysis to test urine, hair and oral fluid samples for the presence of drugs and alcohol. We are proud of our reputation for having the best turnaround times in the industry and the high degree of accuracy of our testing and analysis services, and that combination has made us the market leader in drug and alcohol testing.

Our laboratory uses the latest immunoassay and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-mass spectrometry (LCMSMS) technology as well as other sophisticated analytical techniques, allowing us to detect a broad range of drugs in the samples we analyse.

We are excited to be working with Crystal Health Group and look forward to developing a strong working relationship that will be beneficial to both companies.

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