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More drug disposal boxes in Weymouth public toilets

Extra disposal boxes for drug users could soon be available in public loos in Weymouth town centre. The borough council has already placed six ‘sharps’ boxes in public toilets, with expectations that they will authorise more. The boxes encourage drug users to safely dispose of needles and other items associated with drug use.

At a recent meeting, advocates for more boxes agreed that they don’t do much for the image of the resort, but that the prime consideration should be people’s safety. A decision on whether to increase the number of locations with collection boxes is expected to be presented to the council’s management committee on 11 December. The management committee will also receive a request at the meeting to ask Public Health Dorset to review its current needle exchange programme and make recommendations on how to make it more effective.

The council has also received a request to support the idea of creating a safety ‘hub’ for the town centre community, where staff from Public Health Dorset could work with alcohol and drug users, the homeless, and other vulnerable populations. The potential site may be a shop that is currently not used and could be the location for periodic drop-in sessions.

Council officers are also expected to receive a request to explore working with Public Health Dorset to develop an education campaign to publicise the services available to people who become vulnerable because of substance abuse.

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