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Random drug testing for Spring Valley city workers

Although recreational marijuana use is legal in Spring Valley, there is a caveat: workers for the city will be subject to random drug testing.

Spring Valley’s legislative committee recently outlined policy discussions, with the clear warning that if city employees test positive for drugs, consequences will follow.

This includes testing positive for cannabis.

Council member, Deb Baltikauski, explained that employees must go through pre-employment drug screening as well as random drug tests, to ensure they stay clean.

One person tested every month, but a question remains about the severity of the consequences – is a zero-tolerance policy in order?

Also, the question of whether someone testing positive for drugs should undergo counselling has yet to be decided.

Even in the case of electing a tolerance policy, the chances are its nature will be akin to “one and done.”

Baltikauski added that employees will have the option of coming forward with addiction issues to their supervisor, allowing them to get help and prevent the termination of their contract.

Much remains unanswered, including who will pick up the costs – should the individual in question finance it, or will the city contribute?

The council agrees that whoever appears to be intoxicated at work and refuses to undergo screening will be fired.

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