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31-year-old-man facing charges for impaired driving

On Tuesday, a man from Thunder Bay, Canada was arrested for driving under the influence and charged with:

  • Possession of a schedule 1 substance.
  • Operation of a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol and drugs.
  • Failure to comply with a judicial release.

Thunder Police Service officers investigated following a call at around 5:45 pm and noticed a pick-up truck about to cross Fort William Road.

Despite heavy traffic, the police prevented the truck from crossing the intersection and approached the driver.

Based on their reports, the driver showed erratic behaviour and signs of drug impairment.

The officers also spotted damage to his vehicle, and the combined signs and marks on the truck prompted them to investigate further.

The truck was allegedly involved in many motor-vehicle collisions within 15 minutes of their arrival – the officers arrested the man.

On searching his truck searched, the man was found to have paraphernalia signalling drug and pill use.

The officers were also informed there was an active warrant for the man’s arrest and that he was suspected of being under the influence of opioids.

The arrest went smoothly, and the officers took the man to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre for further medical assessment and treatment.

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