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Matrix Diagnostics provides the best in point of care and laboratory analysis for the detection of drugs and alcohol. Our team has been providing this service for the last decade and some of the initiatives and innovations that you see in the market today have come from ideas we have implemented across our own service during that time. We have also researched and developed a unique range of products in various areas of drug and alcohol testing.

At Matrix we place the utmost importance on quality, be it our products and services or the systems and equipment we put in place to ensure the best results for our customers. All of our tests carry the CE mark, denoting that all essential requirements set by Directive EC/98/79 – in-vitro diagnostic devices are adhered to.

The company does not have any corporate shareholders. This enables us to provide a service in the way that we know works best by using our years of experience in this field. We are also able to implement changes and improvements to our service much faster which is of great benefit to all of our clients. In addition, our facilities are purpose built to provide the most efficient services available. We have a wealth of experience, having worked with a diverse client portfolio, including the NHS, various Police Forces, Government agencies, Transport companies and several areas of the Private Sector, including Oil companies and Airlines.

Drawing on extensive customer feedback we have developed an alternative offering in the market place to better suit our clients’ needs. It became very apparent to us that there is now a requirement for an improved alternative to the current drug and alcohol testing services that are available and prompted by our previous customers we know we are able to provide such a service more efficiently and effectively.

At Matrix Diagnostics we are fully aware of our customers’ needs and what they should rightfully expect, and we have the expertise and experience to deliver that level of service.

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