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Matrix Collection Officers

Matrix Diagnostics has a UK wide network of collection officers skilled in alcohol breath, urine, oral fluid and hair sampling. They are all trained to a high skill level and well versed in Chain of Custody testing procedures, which are audited annually. All of our collection officers are equipped with breathalysers that are Home Office Type Approved.

They can carry out Pre-employment, Random and For-cause testing. For-cause tests are carried out where reasonable grounds exist that the misuse of alcohol or drugs is present in the workplace or when an incident occurs. The officers are available 365 days a year / 24 hours a day and our for-cause testing service adheres to a strict two hour response time anywhere in the UK mainland. KPI’s are monitored monthly.

Matrix collection officers are familiar with industry specific collection guidelines across all sectors, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Network Rail, Highways England, Safety Critical and many more.

Matrix Diagnostics can provide Randomised testing. Using our team to carry out the random selection of staff minimises the risk of an employee claiming they have been unfairly chosen by their employer. This randomised selection method has always been the preferred process when meeting with Trade Unions to discuss any concerns around drug and alcohol testing.

Matrix can provide a fully managed service to adhere to your organisations annual random testing targets.

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