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Temporary halt on Queensland drug and alcohol roadside testing

As the deadly virus rages on, it is now affecting roadside safety measures in Queensland.

Due to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, Queensland Police has put a temporary hold on drug and alcohol roadside testing.

Until further notice, static or multi-vehicle testing is being suspended.

But, to encourage safe driving, random breath and drug testing will continue to take place.

In an official statement, the Queensland Police explained the circumstances behind their decision.

According to their announcement, they want to minimise the health risks of Queensland Police Service officers, as well as those of the community.

Regardless of their decision, road safety continues to be a significant priority.

To that end, the Queensland Police Service will not stop the random drug and alcohol testing via high visibility mobile patrols.

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds and the situation crystallises, Queensland police are conducting risk assessments and introducing new measures accordingly.

After all, while the goal is to keep the roads safe, it should not come at the expense of people’s health.

So, considering the government’s health advice and the latest developments, it remains an important part of the decision-making process going forward.

In recent days, Queensland has seen an increase in coronavirus cases sweeping across the nation.

As it stands at the moment, Monday’s data suggests seven new infections, which add to the state’s 68 infection total.

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