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West Lothian community unites to fight drug addiction

A new project beginning in West Lothian is the next stage to assist people who are abusing drugs.

People living in the community within the jurisdiction of the West Lothian Council will now have an advocacy council to visit. It will provide a place for people suffering from substance abuse and addiction to express their concerns. The purpose of the forum is to provide people addicted to drugs with a collective, clear, and strong voice in discussing problems and issues affecting their lives.

The advocacy forum hopes that it can be a force for a positive impact by providing support to people and connecting them with drug addiction service providers, while also giving them the opportunity to shape policy and treatment practices at national and local levels. The Scottish Government is funding the forum, which will receive support from the West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service and the Mental Health Advocacy Project (MHAP).

Kathy Hamilton, MHAP’s project co-coordinator, noted that no opportunity had been available before for people in West Lothian who were suffering from drug addiction problems to collectively advocate with policy makers, service providers, and other related institutions. She added: “The funding provided by the Scottish Government is welcomed and offers the opportunity to support some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, by enabling them to have a stronger voice, address areas and issues that they see as important, giving them more control over their lives.”i slee

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