Alco Sensor FST Breathalyser with Thermal Printer

The Alco-Sensor FST is a pocket-sized, hand-held breath alcohol tester. It provides a simple, accurate and economical mehtod of determining a subject’s breath alcohol level. The FST accepts breath samples automatically, manually, passively and is also capable of sampling an unconscious person or detecting alcohol in a solution. The Alco-Sensor FST was designed with Officer Safety in mind. Offering a symmetric design that allows left or right handed use. The FST’s novel design allows the operator to position themselves in a manner where they can control the subject, protect their weapon, easily view both the subject and the instrument display while at the same time avoiding the subject’s breath from being blown in their direction. This unit comes with a thermal printer which allows the user to print results and calibration records.

Intoximeter Instrument + kit and thermal printer
Instrument, 25 mouthpieces, 2 Passive cups, 1 Drink Sniffer, Case, Operator Manual, Thermal Printer & Interactive Training DVD